The session keeps on disconnecting! What can I do?

Does the session disconnect at regular intervals (e.g. every 30 seconds, every 10 minutes, etc.)? It could be that there is a security solution on the local or remote endpoints that is going through all active connections every few minutes and disconnecting the ones from "unknown" or "untrusted" IP-addresses.

Please make sure your firewall on both the local and remote devices as well as networking hardware such as routers do not interfere with AnyDesk's connection. More information about this can be found in our Help Center at

Please also make sure exceptions have been made for AnyDesk for any other security solutions such as antiviruses on both the remote and local devices.

If this doesn't help, please try disabling "Allow direct connections" in Settings > Connection and then "General" on both computers.

Alternatively, try adding "/np" at the end of the AnyDesk-ID/Alias you're trying to connect to. e.g. "000111222/np" or "test@ad/np".