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The AnyDesk license is managed on There are two options to apply a license key. All clients with a license are registered in the clients list in the portal. The license can be removed for every client individually.

Applying a License to a Client

  1. Log into your customer portal and copy the license key.License-1

  2. Go to "Menu" > "Change license key".menu
  3. Paste the license key from customer portal in the field under "Change License Key" and click "Register License Key".

Pre-Applying the License Key for Custom Clients

Alternatively, Performance and Enterprise license users are able to pre-apply the license key to their custom clients. To do so, simply enable "Assign to license" in the custom client generator before downloading and running the custom client.

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Removing the License Key From a Client

There are two ways to unlink an AnyDesk client from the account.

Caution: Basic AnyDesk functionality will remain such as the ability to create or accept AnyDesk connection requests depending on the client.

Through the Client

If there is access to the AnyDesk client, the user can go to "Menu" > "Change license key" > "Current License" and click "Remove License Key". This will automatically remove the client from the account and it will lose all premium features such as the Address Book and Session Logging.


Alternatively, the license key can be unregistered from the AnyDesk client by:

  1. Logging into the customer portal,
  2. Going to the Clients tab,
  3. Clicking on the arrow on the right end of the client you wish to remove,
  4. Then click "Remove".

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