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The AnyDesk license can be purchased directly through AnyDesk or one of our authorized resellers and is managed on your This article will suggest licenses that may fit your use case as well as methods for registering and deregistering the license from your AnyDesk client.

If you are not sure if you need to purchase a license or which AnyDesk clients you need to license, please visit Professional vs. Personal or our FAQ respectively. 

If you wish to upgrade, please see I need an additional user or upgrade. How do I do this?

Note: Only outgoing clients that initiate connections to other AnyDesk clients for commercial use need to be registered to an AnyDesk license. Incoming AnyDesk clients that only accept and reject connections do not need to be registered to a license key. 

What License Works for Me? 

AnyDesk offers a range of licenses that fit users and companies of all sizes and use cases. 


A table detailing the differences between our different licenses can be found on our website.

Applying a License to a Client

Watch a video tutorial on how to apply a license to your client or follow a step-by-step procedure below. 

To apply a license to the client: 
  1. Log into customer portal and copy the license key.License-1
  2. On your AnyDesk client, go to Menu > Change license key.
  3. Paste the license key from customer portal in the field under Change License Key and click Register License Key.

Pre-Applying the License Key for Custom Clients

Alternatively, Performance and Enterprise license users are able to pre-apply the license key to their custom clients. To do so, simply enable "Assign to license" in the custom client generator before downloading and running the custom client.

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Removing the License Key From a Client

There are two ways to unlink an AnyDesk client from the account.

Caution: Basic AnyDesk functionality will remain such as the ability to create or accept AnyDesk connection requests depending on the client.

Through the Client

If there is access to the AnyDesk client, the user can go to "Menu" > "Change license key" > "Current License" and click "Remove License Key". This will automatically remove the client from the account and it will lose all premium features such as the Address Book and Session Logging.


Alternatively, the license key can be unregistered from the AnyDesk client by:

  1. Logging into the customer portal,
  2. Going to the Clients tab,
  3. Clicking on the arrow on the right end of the client you wish to remove,
  4. Then click "Remove".

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