What happens if I lose my Private Key?


With the help of a Private Key, you can unlock the Central Management features. For more information about Private Key, see What is a Private Key? 

🚨 The Private Key is only generated once and cannot be recovered if lost. It is important to securely save and store your Private Key.

If you cannot find your Private Key, there are several things you can do: 

  • Try using Search in the File Explorer.
    When you are setting up the Central Management for the first time, we made sure you cannot activate it, unless you copy and download the Private Key to your computer. That's why, you should have it somewhere on your device. Open the File Explorer on your computer and in the Search field, type private key or .pem
  • Request to reset your account.
    If you cannot find the Private Key anywhere, you can request to reset your account. After that, all information, settings, and custom clients will be deleted, and you will have to set everything up from scratch - your account, organization/team, add users, create custom clients, etc., and then generate a new Private Key.
    Contact our Technical Support or Customer Success team to reset your account, and then generate a new Private Key.