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The address book manages your contacts. Create your own address books and add entries. All clients sharing your license (listed on have access to the address books. By adding tags to contacts, extensive amounts of entries get manageable by filtering. The address book is available on Windows, Linux and macOS.

Create Address Books and Entries

Menu to create address books and add entries Menu to create address books and add entries
To create an address book, click Address Book
in the Main Window and open the Menu.
New creates an address book by entering a name. Add Entry creates a contact by entering an ID or Alias called Address. A desired name can be displayed as substitute for the Address.

Address Book with Filter options and Tags


  • Display contacts with thumbnail and ID/Alias/Name in order to connect to other clients. (The session can even be accepted remotely if an unattended password is set.) See also: Access
  • Clients with the same license will have their address book synced automatically¹
  • Create separate address books by clicking "New" in the menu, next to the address books "Default" name
  • Group your contacts via tags including filters
  • Different options to sort your contacts
  • Virtually unlimited amounts of contacts can be managed
Note¹: You can create a custom client without the Address Book feature to avoid your contact list being synced with other clients sharing your license. See also: Customize AnyDesk. Next to the thumbnail, a text for each contact is displayed which is the ID/alias or a given name. You can define a name for each contact yourself which will be displayed in italic letters. The thumbnail of your contact will be the wallpaper of the desktop. A screenshot is used if no wallpaper is set.
Set Buttons indicated by square symbols on the left and View Buttons (List/thumbnail) on the right. (Both shown in blue/white)


Filter your Address Book using the set buttons. Mark serveral tags by holding the control key.

  • Left set button displays all contacts which are elements of both groups. (intersection)
  • Right set button displays all elements of the marked groups. (union)

With the third and fourth button, you can change between a grid view and a list view.

Tags and Grouping

In order to group Tags, right click the arrow on a contact and choose "Manage Tags". Add a Tag name in the upper field and press enter to create it. Create sub-tags by separating tags using slash. E.g. "MainTag/Category" will create the sub-tag "Category" in the tag "MainTag".


In order to create a new address book, besides the default, click the gear symbol next to it's name and choose "New".

Click "Insert new tag", then on the lower gear symbol choose "Add entry" to create your first entry, following entries can be created by clicking the "+" in the tag view. You can now drag and drop your contacts.

In order to create new tags:

  • click "Insert new tag"
  • select one ore more entries (remove entries from the list by clicking the gear symbol and choose "Remove entry")
  • enter a new tag name
  • click "Add"

Note: Address Book for macOS is supported for OS 10.11 or later.
Gear Symbol for adding Entries
Main Window of macOS with + button for Address Book
Add contact menu on macOS