Applicable for users with a Solo, Standard, Advanced, or Enterprise-Cloud license. 

A client is an AnyDesk application installed on your device. Within the my.anydesk II management console, you can view, filter, and manage clients that are linked to your license. 

Clients Overview
Add a Client

Clients Overview 

The Clients tab shows all clients registered to the account. Clients are linked to the license by either inserting a License Key into a client or creating a custom client in the Custom Client Generator that is automatically linked to the license. 

For more information, see Manage Your License Key.

clients overview-2Clients tab overview

Add a Client 

You can add a client to your license and view the client's details such as alias, client ID, operating system, namespace, and the status of the client. 

To add a client to your license:

  1. Sign in to my.anydesk II, open the Clients tab, and click Add Client.
  2. In the pop-up window, copy the License Key value. 
    adding client-1
  3. Open your AnyDesk client and in the upper-right corner of the client, click settings button > Change License Key....
    changelicense kez-1
  4. In the Change License Key section, paste the copied license key and click Register License Key.
    paste license key_myad

After that, the client will be linked to your license and you will be able to see it in the Clients tab.