I don't need AnyDesk anymore. How do I stop renewing?


We are sorry to hear you want to leave! 

If you wish to stop the automatic renewal of your AnyDesk license, you can turn it off in the my.anydesk management console. By deactivating license auto-renewal, your contract will be cancelled.

After you disable auto-renewal, the current license will be valid until its expiration date. 

❗  You can only turn off the license auto-renewal (and cancel the contract) 31 days before your renewal date.

To turn off license auto-renewal: 

  1. In your my.anydesk I or my.anydesk II account, go to the License tab. 
  2. In the License section, turn off the Auto-Renewal toggle. 
    auto-renewal in my.ad I cancel_autorenewal
    my.anydesk I my.anydesk II

Your subscription will be automatically cancelled and your account will be switched to the free plan at the end of your billing period.

For more information about auto-renewal, see License auto-renewal