Custom Client Advanced Options

To Customize AnyDesk, there are many configuration options available. You can either override a setting (meaning there is no way to change it back within AnyDesk) or change the default setting which AnyDesk uses. For security-related features, always use override.

Note: To create older versions of AnyDesk use: _module=anydesk-VERSION.

For example:

  • AnyDesk for Windows: _module=anydesk-4.3.0
  • AnyDesk for Linux: _module=anydesk-4.0.1

Special Settings

Feature Key-value pair
Disable the entire Settings ad.ui.cfg_enabled=false
Disable User Interface settings ad.ui.cfg_enable_interface=false
Disable Security settings ad.ui.cfg_enable_security=false
Disable Privacy settings ad.ui.cfg_enable_privacy=false
Disable Display settings ad.ui.cfg_enable_video=false
Disable Audio settings ad.ui.cfg_enable_audio=false
Disable Connection settings ad.ui.cfg_enable_connection=false
Disable File Transfer settings ad.ui.cfg_enable_filetransfer=false
Disable Recording settings ad.ui.cfg_enable_recording=false
Automatically register Alias ad.features.register_alias=true
Auto register Alias to namespace ad.anynet.register.add_to_namespace=true
(For MSI files, please don't select 'Automatically register alias' with it)
Request elevation on startup (UAC) ad.features.auto_uac=true
Allow installation ad.features.install=true

Address Book features

Disable Address Book ad.features.address_book=false
Choose the view type of Address Book ad.abook.view_type=0,1 (0:thumbnail; 1:list)
Add tags to the Address Book entries ad.anynet.register.roster_tags=<text>

Settings in AnyDesk Client

User Interface Settings

Override default language (see below) ad.ui.lang=en
Disable auto-select language
Show AnyDesk ID instead of Alias ad.ui.alias_or_id=true
Hide local task bar if AnyDesk window is maximized ad.ui.maximize_type=true
Disable comment on session close ad.ui.comment_session=false
AnyDesk starts in the advanced view ad.roster.adv_view=true

Security Settings

Disable interactive access
Disable unattended access ad.features.unattended=false
Forbid others to save login information for this computer
Enable Access Control List
Set Access Control List<ID/Alias>
Forbid remote users to:
Hear my computer's sound output
Control my computer's keyboard and mouse
Access my computer's clipboard
Access my computer's clipboard to transfer files
Lock my computer's keyboard and mouse
Restart my computer
Use the file manager
Lock Desktop on session end
Request system information
Print out my documents on their printer
Draw on computer's screen
Create TCP tunnels
Show a coloured mouse pointer when physical input is forbidden
Do not search local network for other AnyDesk clients ad.discovery.default_behavior=0
Exclude this device from discovery ad.discovery.hidden=true

Privacy Settings

Set the username,2 (1:Account username,default; 2:Custom)
Custom username<text>
Set user image,1 (0:Hide; 1:Hide)
Desk Preview Options,1,3 (3:Deactivated; 1:Account's desktop wallpaper,default; 0:Screenshot)
Screenshot Path ad.privacy.scrshot.path_cfg=1,2 (1:Automatically, default; 2:Custom)
Set the custom screenshot path ad.privacy.scrshot.path=<path>
Chat Log Path,1,2 (0:Disabled; 1:Default path,default; 2:Custom path)

Display settings

Select Display Quality options ad.image.quality_preset=0,1,2(0:Best Quality, 1:Balanced, 2:Responsive)
Show remote cursor ad.image.show_remote_cursor=true
Show move/size helper ad.image.move_size_hlp=true
Disable hotkeys transmission ad.image.suppress_keys=false
Choose view mode (0, 1, or 2) ad.image.viewmode=0,1,2
Start new sessions in fullscreen mode ad.image.insta_fullscreen=true
Use edge scrolling in original view mode ad.image.edge_scroll=true
Choose render mode ad.image.rendermode=0,1,2,3 (0:Disable, 1:DirectDraw, 2:Direct3D, or 3:OpenGL)
Do not save settings between program starts ad.session.remember_settings=false

Audio Settings

Audio Transmission Mode,1,2,3 (0:Disable; 1:Standard,default; 2:Transmit audio output; 3:Specify)
Audio Output Mode,1,3 (0:Disable; 1:Standard,default; 3: Specify)
Exclusive audio playback

Connection Settings

Disable direct connections
Set the listening port ad.anynet.listen_port=<port number> (0 is default)

Recording Settings

Start session recording when a session starts ad.recording.auto_start=true
Set custom recording path ad.recording.path_cfg=2

Other Individual Settings

Position and size of the window

Start AnyDesk with maximized window ad.ui.main_win.max=true
Set horizontal position of left window border on screen ad.ui.main_win.x=<pixels>
Set vertical position of top window border on screen ad.ui.main_win.y=<pixels>
Set window width in pixels (min:900) ad.ui.main_win.width=<pixels>
Set window height in pixels (min:720) ad.ui.main_win.height=<pixels>

Disclaimer settings

Edit tile of the disclaimer ad.ui.disclaimer.title=<text>
Edit text of the disclaimer ad.ui.disclaimer.text=<text>
Edit accept button of the disclaimer ad.ui.disclaimer.accept=<text>
Edit cancel button of the disclaimer ad.ui.disclaimer.cancel=<text>
Set color for the disclaimer title & text ad.ui.disclaimer.text.color=<HTML color code>
Set color for the disclaimer background<HTML color code>

Layout settings

Change title of the AnyDesk window ad.ui.window_title=<text>
Set line color above "This Desk" ad.ui.id_group.color=<HTML color code>
Change name for "This Desk" ad.ui.id_group.title=<text>
Replace the information under “This Desk” ad.ui.id_group.text=<text>
Set line color above “Remote Desk” ad.ui.connect_group.color=<HTML color code>
Change name for “Remote Desk” ad.ui.connect_group.title=<text>
Replace the information under “Remote Desk” ad.ui.connect_group.text=<text>
Set line color for version information ad.ui.install_group.color=<HTML color code>
Set line color above “Version Information” ad.ui.version_group.color=<HTML color code>
Set line color above “Support Information” ad.ui.support_group.color=<HTML color code>

Language Codes

AnyDesk supports the following languages: (ISO-Codes)

English en Spanish es Dutch nl Romanian ro
Ukrainian uk Czech cs French fr Norwegian no
Slovak sk Japanese ja Danish da Croatian hr
Polish pl Finnish fi Simplified Chinese zh German de
Italian it Portuguese (Brazil) pt-br Swedish sv Traditional Chinese zh-cl
Estonian et Hungarian hu Portuguese pt Turkish tr
Korean ko Greek el Russian ru Bulgarian bg