Windows Group Policy

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Group Policies


Due to major changes with AnyDesk 7 and redundancy of some of the Group Policy features, the secondary password Group Policy keys no longer work with AnyDesk 7. Therefore, we recommend existing Group Policy users to not update to AnyDesk 7 if you wish to generate passwords and Permission Profiles through the Windows Group Policy tool. A new Group Policy template is in the works though no ETA can be given at this time. 

In the meantime, you can use the "_module" key in Advanced Options to force the custom client to be an older version or create a new custom client with preset Permission Profiles

By using Group Policies, the settings for all AnyDesk clients in a domain can be adjusted, deployed, and managed from a central location.

In general, all settings found in Custom Client – Advanced Options can be adjusted. Additional documentation as well as the Group Policy templates can be found in the Files tab of your customer portal.

Use Cases

Some example use cases for using the Windows Group Policy Management tool in combination with AnyDesk:

  • Set up multiple passwords for Unattended Access and bind each of them to different permissions. See the Secondary Password documentation in the Files tab of your customer portal.
    • Give full access to administrators and limit permissions for guests, e.g. for presentations.
  • Disallow incoming/outgoing sessions.
  • Change settings for all deployed devices in the same device at once.
  • Edit a non-preset access control list

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