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License tab in the Portal

The AnyDesk license is managed on There are two options to apply a license key. All clients with a license are registered in the clients list in the portal. The license can be removed for every client individually.

Apply a license to a client

Apply the license from the Main Menu (top-right corner) of AnyDesks' Main Window
1. Apply by pasting the license key:

• Login to and copy the license key. Use the credentials in your mail.
• Apply the license from the Main Menu in AnyDesk by choosing: Change license key...
• Repeat both steps for all devices.

2. Apply license by creating a custom client with pre-applied license:

Create a custom client and choose assign to license in the options tab.

Remove a license from a client locally

Apply or remove license key in AnyDesk

Remove the license in the main menu by choosing: Change license key..., then click Remove License Key

Note: Linux users leave the key-field blank and confirm with "OK" to remove the license from the client.

Remove a license from a client on

To remove the license from a client using, choose Clients tab, open the clients details and click remove.

Note: In order to prevent the user to register his client after being removed, reset the license key in the license tab.