my.anydesk II overview


my.anydesk II is a next level user management console which offers a wide range of possibilities for users and organizations. 

With my.anydesk II, you can view sessions details, create personal or company Address Books, view your license details, invite other users, create users, manage permission sets for users, and other.

To access all the features provided in my.anydesk II, you first need to create an account. Learn more about the benefits of creating an account here

After signing in, different sections in the navigation panel will be available to you depending on your AnyDesk license, whether you are a part of a team or an organization, and which permission sets you were assigned to. 

dashboardOrganization's owner who has access to all the features

For Standard and Advanced licenses, learn how to set up a team and invite users

For Enterprise license, learn how to set up an organization and create users