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Home Office

home office setup AnyDesk license how to workflow unattended access

Home Office is setup with in a few steps:

1. Install
2. Enter license-key
3. Set a password
4. Connect to device


  • Download AnyDesk from anydesk.com/downloads and double click to run AnyDesk on your device.
  • Find the Installation tile in the Main Window.
  • Make sure to install AnyDesk on both your devices, especially in the office you want to work from remotely.

Installing enables AnyDesk to work in admin-mode and secures the availability of all features such as Remote-Print.

  • (Optional): Create an Alias/Name for the device which makes it memorizable and easier to connect.
To do so, right-click your ID then click choose Alias. (Only available after Installation)

Installation dialogue.pngInstallation window.png


Note: Your license is directly valid after purchase in the shop,
even when the chosen payment method needs processing time.

  • Login to my.anydesk.com using the credentials sent via E-mail during subscription in the Shop.


  • Copy the license-key and paste it in AnyDesk to register your client.

Note: Only your own device you are sitting in front of needs to be registered, not the device you're connecting to. See also: Licensing


  • Open the main-menu and click Change license Key.... Paste the license-key in the settings.
  • AnyDesk now displays your new license.

Register.png EnterKey.png

Setup unattended access for Home Office

To connect to your device unattended, setup a password:

  • Click Set password for unattended access... in the Main Window


  • the security-settings appear
  • Enter the password twice and confirm.

Password.png PasswordEnter.png

  • Choose: Allow to save the password to avoid typing the password each time.
  • You are now set up for access by password.

Alternative to open security settings:

  • Open Settings
  • Switch to Security
  • Unlock Security Settings


Start the session

Your Desk

  • The Remote User provides his ID or Alias .

Remote Desk

  • Enter the ID/Alias in the Address-label on the remote device and request a session by Enter or click connect.

  • After requesting session, the password dialog appears.
Password Authorization for Unattended Access
  • Check Login automatically from now on and enter the password. You will not be asked to enter this password in subequent session requests for this client.
Note: This feature will only work if the other client allows to save passwords!

For a more thorough explanation see the Quick Start Guide or the [list of articles]