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Session Security Security Features for the Client Access Control List On-Premises

Session Security

All sessions are secured using TLS1.2 with AEAD.
The connection type, enforced encryption mode, client verification status, and fingerprint can be found by the connmode in the AnyDesk toolbar.


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Security Features for the Client

  • The custom client provides a variety of configurable security settings. For details, see Customize AnyDesk and Settings.
  • Exclusive unattended access: Access to the client solely by providing the unattended password. See Exclusive Unattended Access
  • Salted password hashing: AnyDesk uses secure salted hash tokens for password transmission.
  • Two-factor authentication: Connection attempts to the client using unattended access can be secured using two-factor authentication. See Two-Factor Authentication.

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Access Control List

See Access Control List.


For environments with high-security demands, AnyDesk provides the self-hosted On-Premises solution.
Fully operational even in offline-networks with full control over all data. See AnyDesk On-Premises for more information.

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