URL Handler

On Windows, macOS (AnyDesk 6.3.1+), and Linux, AnyDesk users are able to automatically open AnyDesk and send a connection request to a device using a link or URL. 

Note: AnyDesk has to be installed on the devices you wish to use URL handlers on.

The URL handler can be used with the HTML anchor tag. For example:

<a href="anydesk:user@namespace">Click here to visit AwesomeDesk!</a>

The URL handler follows the following format conventions:

For standard clients

anydesk:<AnyDesk-ID/Alias> (e.g. anydesk:123456789)

For custom clients, the prefix needs to be added to the URL:

anydesk-<prefix>:<AnyDesk-ID/Alias> (e.g. anydesk-abc12345:123456789)

For custom MSI AnyDesk clients (Windows only):

anydesk:AnyDesk-<prefix>_msi:<AnyDesk-ID/Alias> (e.g. anydesk:AnyDesk-abc12345_msi:123456789)

This feature is also built into the my.anydesk.com customer portal. Simply go to the Clients tab, select the AnyDesk client you wish to connect to, and click “Connect”.

Caution: The URL handlers contained within the MyAnyDesk customer portal only work with the standard version of AnyDesk available from our website.

Example Use Case

This can be an important feature for HTML-based Support dashboards. Customers can send the Support team their AnyDesk-ID via a form. The dashboard receives and organizes the information regarding the customer data and AnyDesk-ID and automatically converts the ID into an AnyDesk URL.

When the support technician wants to connect to the customer, they can simply click the button or link containing the URL handler, and AnyDesk will automatically open and send a connection request.