File Manager and File Transfer

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AnyDesk provides Copy & Paste synced clipboard for all platforms to perform file transfer operations. Both hotkey (CTRL+C, CTRL+V) and context menu operation (right-click and copy files) are applicable. Additionally a dedicated file manager is available for Windows and MacOS. (Linux and Android up to this point can only handle incoming file transfer requests.)


File transfer on Linux has a slightly different handling. See the description below.

File Manager in Windows and MacOS

File manager (FM) runs seperatly in its own tab, either parallel to a session or dedicated without a session running. Consequently the FM starts at session request or later on during session. Unlike the synced clipboard, the FM doesn't provide Copy & Paste or Drag n' Drop capability as yet.

File transfer mode main window .png

Upload Select files and upload to transfer into the corresponding directory.
Download Retrieve selected files from remote device
This Device Current directory, always displayed on the left
Remote Device Current directory of partnering device, always displayed on the right.
Directories "Arrow up" and "Double Dot Folder" (always heading) change to the parent directory.

To start a dedicated FM session simply hit Browse Files in the main window. You will not be able to control the other sides, besides transfering File. To transfer files during a remote control session, start the File Manager from within the Action menu.

The button to start the file manager session.
The Action menu

File Transfer in Linux

Copy a file or selection to the clipboard on the local or remote side. A pending file transfer request will show up on the opposing side. To initiate file transfer, click the file transfer icon in the Session window or the file transfer icon in the Accept window respectively to transfer files to the session partner. This will also work for file clipboard send from Windows.

Incoming Clipboard Folder:~/.android/incoming

The file transfer icon on Linux (arrow)
The accept button on Linux (arrow).

The file transfer icon on macOS (arrow)
The accept button on macOS (orange icon).

File Transfer from Linux to Windows

Copy a file or selection to the clipboard on Linux client. The clipboard will be send to the Windows client. Browse to a folder or the desktop and paste either by context menu or by pressing ctrl+v.

Disable File Transfer

File transfer can be disabled by disabling clipboard transmission in the security settings ("Access my computer's clipboard"). This will disable clipboard sync in both directions. On incoming session, disable the clipboard temporarily by adjusting Permissions in the accept window. For outgoing session, set the permissions in the main menu.