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Do I need to install AnyDesk?

AnyDesk will have elevated privileges when installed. Connecting to a client with AnyDesk installed won't run into trouble controlling Admin (UAC) required applications. However you can request elevation remotely to clients that run AnyDesk portable. The login credentials can be entered remotely, the following UAC prompt must be confirmed manually from the remote side. Each installation has its unique ID and is bound to a specific license.

I lost my password (

To recover your password go to and hit "Forgot your password? ", this will send a reset mail to the address stored in your account.

Register or remove the AnyDesk license to a device

See Registration to register the client to a license.

Do I need to be present at the remote side to start a session? (Unattended Access)

No, you can set a "password for unattended access" to gain access remotely. See Unattended Access

Can I use TeamViewer and AnyDesk simultaneously?

Yes, it's possible to run instances of TeamViewer and AnyDesk at the same time with no restraints.

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