Submit a Ticket

Dear AnyDesk User,

Thank you for taking the time to look at our reporting process. We appreciate users that report problems around AnyDesk as well as our valuable community of users who actively contribute to our beta program in order to optimize AnyDesk.

Customers who experience problems and need active support are always welcome to contact “AnyDesk Technical Support“.

Most issues are covered in the FAQ or the Help Center.

Creating a Description for your Issue:

Support tickets must contain all necessary information in order to accelerate issue tracking and provide you with a matching, solving reply.

1. The subject line contains the customer number to keep track of the problem.

2. The last steps taken, before the problem occurred, should be specified. As well as information about your working environment. (Operating System, network config, Firewall Setup)

3. Try to include background information, such as the use case or motive.

4. AnyDesk traces its operations. This is especially useful to reveal problems from errors of unknown or non-reproducible origin. Please always enclose Trace Files in your ticket

List of Questions

This list of questions may help you to elaborate on your Ticket:

  • Which Operating Systems are involved? If GNU/Linux is used, please tell us your exact distribution, login manager, and desktop environment.
  • Does an error message show up? What exactly does the message say?
  • Which version of AnyDesk is being used?
  • Is AnyDesk installed?
  • Do you use a custom client version?
  • Is one of the clients connected via mobile data/WiFi?
  • Are you working in a secure environment with a Proxy or Firewall?
  • Was a direct connection established? (indicated by a monitor with a play symbol in the lower right corner)
  • Have you installed the latest version? See AnyDesk Releases
  • Did you try to connect from a different machine and have the same problem there?

Check your AnyDesk Version

To check your version of AnyDesk:

  1. Open AnyDesk
  2. Open the menu
  3. Select “About AnyDesk”