Trace Files

AnyDesk outputs a log/trace file while running, that can be utilized to diagnose problems.

Some errors occur without causing an immediate crash. Those may lead to a malicious behaviour. It is therefore quite helpful if you report issues including some documentation as well as the trace files from both participating devices.

Create a ticket using your customer ID in the subject line addressed to:

Send the Trace Files:

Send support information.png
  • Start AnyDesk, open the menu and select the About AnyDesk.
  • Click Send support information:

AnyDesk will create a folder on your desktop. This folder contains the ad.trace and the ad_svc.trace file.

To manually retrieve trace files from its directories:

%programdata%\AnyDesk %appdata%\AnyDesk

files are named:

ad.trace and ad_svc.trace

Submitting trace Files for several devices

In case you submit files from two or more devices, please rename manually to allocate them to the corresponding device. For example:

A_ad.trace A_ad_svc.trace
B_ad.trace B_ad_svc.trace

Archives for trace files per device works well too:

Procedure for Windows Version 3.7 and older

To open the folders which contain the trace files, select "About AnyDesk" in the main menu.

In the About tab, click "Send support information...". Both folders will open.

Select the files ad.trace and ad_svc.trace and attach them to your bug report.

If you have trouble with accessing the folder you can also look the files up manually, at these locations:

Copy ad.trace and ad_svc.trace to your Report Mail and send it to AnyDesk enclosed with your description

and your Customer ID in the subject line.

The Customer ID reads like "K" followed by an 11 DigitNumber

eg. K01234567891


To open the folder which contain the trace file, select About AnyDesk in the main menu.

In the about tab, click Send support information.... The trace file is named anydesk.trace.


To retrieve the trace files on Mac, open the terminal and copy&paste (cmd+c & cmd+v):

cp /private/var/log/anydesk.trace ~/Desktop/

In case AnyDesk is not installed (run portable) use:

cp ~/.anydesk/*.trace ~/Desktop/

The command will copy the requested files on your desktop.

Send Support Information


Send trace files:

  • Open the sidebar
  • Switch to About AnyDesk
  • Choose Send Support Information

Log File

AnyDesk creates a connection trace file logging Session details such as Direction, Date and Time, involved Ids. The connection trace is a text file located in: %programdata%/AnyDesk

Direction Date/Time Status Alias ID
Incoming 2018-05-03,20:36 User 999999999 999999999
Incoming 2018-05-03,20:37 User alias@namespace 888889
Incoming 2018-05-03,20:41 User 999999999 999999999
Incoming 2018-05-03,20:47 User alias@namespace 888889
Incoming 2018-05-08,09:55 User alias@namespace 789789789
Incoming 2018-05-08,17:42 REJECTED alias@namespace 789789789