Status: desk_rt_ipc_error


This error typically occurs when an external application, such as the operating system or a security tool, terminates the AnyDesk session. The underlying causes and potential solutions may differ depending on the operating system.

If you encounter this message while attempting to connect to a Windows device, it's highly likely that a security solution installed on the device is responsible for disconnecting AnyDesk or other remote desktop connections. A typical cause of this issue is anti-ransomware security features.

On the other hand, if you encounter this error while connecting to a Linux device, it may be because of an unsupported display server. 

Potential solutions:


  • Whitelist AnyDesk or disable anti-ransomware features on the device.
  • Reinstall AnyDesk if the security solution blocks or quarantines the application.


  • Ensure that both the login manager and the system are using Xorg to avoid unsupported display server issues.
  • Make sure that the DNS resolver resolves AnyDesk URL addresses correctly. See Firewall.