MyAnyDesk Portal

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Overview is the main interface to view and modify properties and status of a customers' account.

It provides the custom client generator to create your own Anydesk, session logging, a support form to submit tickets and a section to manage payment.


Customers get a credentials mail once the account is created on purchase. The mail will include your login credentials namely the customers registered mail and a password. The password can be changed in the settings. In case you lose your password, it can be reset on myAnyDesk main page.

Apply the license option in the Menu Tab of AnyDesk Main Window

ID, Alias and License Key

The ID and represents a unique number to identify a specific client in the AnyDesk network. The Alias is shaped like a mail address consisting of name and namespace. By default, users get an Alias in the public namespace "@ad" representing AnyDesk. A custom namespace is available for the Professional and Enterprise license.

The ID is generated by AnyDesk upon first startup.

See AnyDesk ID and Alias to learn how to backup the ID.

Apply or remove license key in AnyDesk

The license key connects the AnyDesk client to the corresponding account. ID and Alias will show up in the clients section on AnyDesk with the license key applied enables additional features such as multiple sessions or PowerUser.


The license, applied to AnyDesk links the client to a specific account. After registering the client, the portal will display all its properties.

Note: For AnyDesk Lite, a license key can only be applied to the amount of seats that you purchased. For AnyDesk Professional, licensed clients will consume sessions and fill your max session count. Hence don't distribute licensed custom clients outside your work space.
Register client Copy the license key on in the License tab and paste it into AnyDesk by going to » Options Tab » Change license key.
Remove client Go to to the license tab and click on a registered client. Then click remove.

Adding Clients to a Namespace

The Alias can be chosen freely in the client details. The namespace must be @ad except for custom namespaces.

Note: If AnyDesk is installed and registered with a free license, the Alias will be bound to the ID and cannot be changed once it was set. Users with a free license won't have an account.

The following instructions in terms of the namespace require purchasing an own namespace to your license. (Available in the Professional and Enterprise Bundle)

  • Standard or public namespace:


  • custom namespace:


In Order to apply your namespace to a specific client:

  • Attach your licence-key to AnyDesk with the corresponding ID/Alias.
  • Login to the portal and browse to the list of clients.
  • Choose the client you want to modify and click the loupe symbol.
  • Change the name. You have to enter the full name including the @myOwnNamespace


The Portal monitors clients registered to your account, the amount of active sessions, the installed version, as well as when and how long a sessions did take place. (Provides Export Options for CSV session data). Use this feature for accounting or billing purposes. A REST-interface is also available for Professional an Enterprise customers to provide automatic retrieval of session data.

Close Session

In the Session section click the arrow symbol » to get session details in the upper right corner, choose Close session to disconnect a session. Use this method to lower the session count.

Account information

All personal contact information except the registered mailaddress can be edited.

The license tab also shows general information like:

  • Customer number
  • License type
  • License number
  • Available & max seats
  • Available & max session
  • Namespace (if part of the bundle)
  • Clients connected to your license showing ID, Alias and online status
  • Interface to build custom client versions of AnyDesk. (Customize AnyDesk)


The settings tab lets you change time zone and language, setup the CSV session export, enable two factor authentication and change password.

Payment & Invoices

In the Settings Tab switch to [Payment], to consign credit card information. Invoices will be payed automatically. You may also choose to pay manually via bank transfer or PayPal. The invoice section lists all invoices including status to keep track.

Forgot Password

If you forgot your password, go to and request a password reset by clicking forgot password. You will receive a reset password mail to your registered mail address.

Custom Client Generator

The Portal also provides the ability to create your own AnyDesk called custom client. See: Customize AnyDesk